Refractory products used by the ceramics industry to support wares during firing are generally referred to as kiln furniture. The rigorous conditions encountered in this application demand a material that resists deformation or mechanical failure during repeated heating and cooling cycles.

Kiln furniture pieces are damaged by cracking, bending,  the accumulation of dirt and glaze or surface degradation due to oxidation or some other form of chemical attack or contamination.

For service temperatures up to 1300°C the most popular type of refractory material contains the mineral cordierite, a magnesium aluminum silicate with very low thermal expansion coefficient, rendering it highly resistant to thermal shock. Most commercial cordierite kiln furniture bodies are formulated to produce about 50% cordierite (Clayrac™ Artal), the remainder comprising mullite (Molochite-based or chamotte-based) and amorphous material.



Imerys Refractory Minerals s is the world’s leading producer of calcined products for the refractory industry.
Our brand portfolio is comprised of the well-known Mulcoa®, Clayrac™ and CHK™.


Super Ecca Chamotte, CHK™ and Mulcoa® form our range of high-duty and super-duty chamotte materials for general purpose refractory applications. These products are available run of kiln or sized.
Mulcoa range
CHK range
Super Ecca Chamotte datasheets are available upon request

ClayracArtal is a unique cordierite chamotte with low expansion making it particularly useful for high thermal shock material.
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Imerys Refractory Minerals is the world leading producer of andalusite
Thermal shock resistance, volume stability and high temperature load strength uniquely come together in this naturally occurring crystal. Pioneered commercially at our plant in Glomel, and supported by South Africa our available range including Durandal™, Purusite™, Randalusite™ and Kerphalite™, are unmatched in the market today.


Kerphalite KF and Durandal D60 are the ideal products for kiln furniture.

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Molochite™ is the standard calcined clay component in these formulations contains no crystalline silica and thus imparts low, even thermal expansion and excellent dimensional stability at service temperatures, leading to extended product lifespans.


Molochite Thermal Performance

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