New Face Coat Material for Investment Casting Molds

1st Imerys Refractory Minerals Safety Day

First Imerys Refractory Minerals Safety Day

At Imerys Refractory Minerals just as throughout the Imerys group, safety is our number one priority. Imerys develops a proactive safety and health culture by implementing the three pillars of the Imerys Safety System: compliance, continuous improvement and communication. It is structured along the following lines: clearly defined audit protocols, regular audits, a global training plan, safety training based on a behavior-based model, an accident analysis program and a serious accident prevention plan, as well as events designed to strengthen safety culture.

Over the past years, various actions were taken to modernize production sites and machinery, and important means were put on improvement of security awareness throughout the Imerys Refractory Minerals staff. Whether high or medium level managers or workers on the production sites in France, the UK, the USA, South Africa and China, everybody took action for best security within the division.

November 24th was 2016 Safety Day at Imerys Refractory Minerals. Each production site interrupted its activity for half a day bringing together local staffs to strengthen safety awareness. Time was dedicated to align with the division safety targets, actions and results. Teams were given the opportunity to discuss their local security approach and behavior change thanks to the “Take 5” program for example. “Take 5” is a pre-task risk assessment and reduction tool helping drive safety awareness to all employees. It was launched in 2014. Early this year “Serious7” went life. It is a new protocol  for forklift safety helping site managers to review specific issues such as technical deficiencies or regular maintenance matters.

Randalusite™ Premium: purest andalusite grade ever

Imerys Refractory Minerals launched a new product called Randalusite™ Premium, which is the highest quality andalusite available on the market. Indeed,  Randalusite™ Premium is the purest product in terms of chemical and  mineral composition.  It allows refractory producers to use andalusite applications where high creep resistance are mandatory. A study comparing the perfor­mance of different types of andalusite raw materials was presented during the 2016 Aachen Refractory Colloquium. In this study, a broad range of andalusite was characterised, in particular regarding chemical and mineralogical composition. Specific attention was given to the distribution of impurities across the different size fractions.

Refractory bricks and castables were produced from each type of andalusite on a laboratory scale in order to establish a correlation between the raw material purity and the refractory performance. Thermo-mechanical properties such as Refractoriness under Load (RuL) and Creep in Compression (CiC) were investigated, with a particular focus on the impact of impurity level, its enrichment in the matrix and its influence on the microstructure.

Creep Compression of Randalusite Premium

Creep Compression of Randalusite Premium

The outcome of the study allowed Imerys Refractory Minerals to launch Randalusite™ Premium.  Its alkalis are lower than 0.35% and its alumina higher than 60%. It is obtained by advanced processing designed for high performance bricks & castables thus opening doors to new applications for andalusite based refractory solutions. Find out more about Randalusite™ Premium

Imerys Refractory Minerals at 13th Ankiros Trade Fair in Istanbul

Save the date ! Our team shall be pleased to welcome you during the 13th  Ankiros Trade Fair in Istanbul, Turkey  from 29th September to 1st October 2016. We shall be pleased to meet you on our booth in Hall 6 on stand E140. Moreover, it will be the opportunity to present our portfolio of […]

59th Colloquium on Refractories 2016

Imerys Refractory Minerals at 59th International Colloquium for Refractories 2016

Imerys Refractory Minerals sponsors the 59th International Colloquium for Refractories 2016

Our team is looking forward to meeting you during 59th Colloquium on Refractories taking place 28th to 29th September in Aachen, Germany.

We kindly invite you to “Konferenzsaal 9” on 1st floor of Eurogress to meet our team and discover our product portfolio of high performance refractory materials.

Save the date: Wednesday, September 28th at 5.40 pm in hall “Brüssel”

Danilo Frulli, Florian Ahouanto and Steffen Möhmel will present Influence of impurity level of andalusite on the behavior of refractories made thereof


Click here to get the Program of 59th International Colloquium on Refractories 2016

We share knowledge !

Imery Refractory Minerals - Metakaolin under microscope

Imery Refractory Minerals – Metakaolin under microscope

July 5th, Cyrille Deteuf,  Imerys’ Metakaolin specialist provided a review on  Metakaolin  for Geopolymer at the occasion of the 2016 GeopolymerCamp.

The Geopolymer Institute based in French Picardie organizes the annual GeopolymerCamp since 2009. This event is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire to share and learn in an open environment.

The camp is neither a conference, nor a congress. It is a casual, informal meeting between anyone who has something to share in the field of polymers, and anyone with the desire to learn, to interact, and to network.

2016 Partners in Progress Award


Dave Tucker, David Pepers, Barbara Grogan

Dave Tucker, David Pepers, Barbara Grogan

Imerys Refractory Minerals North America was awarded the 2016 Partners in Progress Award by the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce and the Sumter County Payroll Development Authority. The Partners in Progress Award considers a company’s commitment to partnering with and growing Sumter County. Through corporate practices that encourage employees to participate in civic clubs and service organizations to financial contributions for community economic development and service projects, the Partners in Progress award highlights a company who partners in a multitude of ways to see the success of Sumter County. Imerys Refractory Minerals North America understands the value of business and industry partnerships in the community, and actively engaging in community leadership efforts. The award was handed to Dave Tucker, Quality Assurance Manager and David Peppers, Human Resources Manager by Barbara Grogan, Executive Director of the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce.

Innovation is worthwhile!

AImerys Refractory Minerals for Foundry application team at WCIC 2016pproximately 500 people attended the 14th World Conference for Investment Casting which ended in Paris April 19th.  Imerys Refractory Minerals for Foundry Application took this opportunity to present its new organization and 4 new products.

GreenShell+ is a combination of ceramic materials preventing the formation of crystalline silica throughout the casting process, reducing significantly the risk of exposure to hazardous dust for foundry operators and allowing the easy disposal of the shell.

Teco-Sil B1+ and Teco-Sil Hybrid +, both allow reducing the number of layers and to speed up the shell building process. The first is a fused silica-based blend and the second an aluminosilicate-amorphous silica blend.

Treibacher Alodur WRG IC ESR is a modified aluminium-oxide flour designed as a primary coat for casting and Ni-based super alloys. Its easy shell removal quality facilitates casting cleaning.

Imerys Refractory Minerals for Foundry Applications would like to thank its visitors for their interest, feedback and support, which is essential to move forward in the foundry industry as pointed out by Ing. Franz Bernasconi when receiving the 2016 EICF Life achievement award.

NEW! Teco-Sil© Hybrid+

Teco-Sil© Hybrid+ is a broad distribution filler used for backup coats in ferrous and non-ferrous investment casting foundries. The broad particle size distribution of this product, in combination with rheological modifiers, allows for the application of thicker coats (high filler load) onto the IC shell. This can result in reduced overall number of shell coats/increased throuput through the IC shell room. Teco-Sil© Hybrid+ is a mixture of aluminsosilicates and amorphous silicas. This yields excellent knockout properties, hot strength, ability to achieve tight tolerances/produce near net shape castings and overall shell economy.