Imerys supplies the foundry industry with high-performance minerals and innovative solutions for investment casting, sand casting and core-making as well as refractory fillers for the production of foundry coatings.

Imerys Refractory Minerals is the world’s leading supplier of refractory materials for investment casting /precision casting. We supply a wide range of products including fused silica through Teco-Sil® and  Mulgrain® aluminosilicate grades, which are suited to a range of applications.

We supply the sand casting industry with a broad range of specialty products, covering all common moulding techniques. Our product portfolio includes special sands for moulds and cores, additives for sand reclaiming and refractory coatings.



Mulgrain grains and flours are superior ceramic refractory mould media. These grains are precisely sized through a series of screens, and custom blended to obtain a series of coarse to fine sizes. During screening the grains are de-dusted to ensure a virtually dust free stucco.


Mulgrain are precision sized products specially designed to meet today’s demanding investment casting requirements.
Individual technical data sheet is available on demand..



In the modern sand casting process, special sands are used to improve casting quality and reduce the risk of defects.
Due to low thermal expansion and high refractoriness, Kerphalite KF is the ideal solution for iron and steel casting free of veining and finning.



Kerphalite KF offers real compatibility with silica sand, has a bulk density of 1.7 g/cm3 and does not contain any significant amount of crystalline silica. The consistent particle size distribution is the result of a state-of-the-art sieving and milling process at our Glomel, France plant.

Kerphalite KF for foundry sands
Kerphalite KF for foundry coatings



Teco-Sil is used for its volume stability. Fused silica has an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient of so very tight tolerance castings can be produced with easy shell removal.


For standard grades:

For special grades:
Individual datasheets are available upon request.



Molochite™ is the standard “back-up” refractory material used in the production of investment casting shell molds. Freedom from contamination makes Molochite an ideal filler for foundry coatings in iron, steel and aluminum castings.


The key benefits which Molochite offers to the Investment Casting Industry may be summarized as follows:

Unparalleled consistency of composition
Freedom from contamination
Consistency of size gradings
Compatibility with binders
Angular grain shape
Low dust content stuccos
Wide choice of gradings

Molochite for investment casting
Technical datasheets are available on demand.