2014 IMA Recognition Award

Parkandillick Calciner (Molochite) UK received the 2014 IMA-Europe Industrial Minerals Association Recognition Award for “Safety – Developing Good Practices in Machinery Innovation” September 24th during the IMA annual conference in Brussels.
The Industrial Minerals Association acknowledged herewith the commitment of Operations Manager Brian Griggs- Trevarthen and his team to improve best practices on a day to day basis.
For several years, a problem appeared in a precise area at the plant where the bricks enter the crusher.  Workers had to stand on the platform above the crusher and guide or break calcined molochite bricks which would block the crushers’ mouth. This operation was potentially at high risk.
To find a solution, a cross function team was created to investigate ways of improving the situation. Suggested ideas were tested until the successful solution was found.  Looking at the entire production process the cross function team came up with a brick modification in such a way that it crushed more easily when dropped into the holding bin and crusher.

Chairman & CEO Gilles Michel commented: “These awards highlight the Group’s continuous process for operating excellence. They also reward our teams’ constant commitment and encourage us to keep up our Sustainable Development strategy.”