2014 Imerys Sustainable Development Challenge

15 experts carefully examined the 94 projects submitted by the Groups’ workforce and the winners are….
Imerys Refractory Minerals proudly congratulates its South African teams ranked amongst the winners thanks to their “Local Farmers Support” project focusing on the development of three local agriculture cooperatives. These three projects target to create resource of sustainable income for local families. IRM supports these projects through financial support (budget and land), technical support (construction of agricultural building) as well as training.

Thus, for a five year period, the company will support Lehumo Agricultural Cooperative. Focusing on subsistence and semi-commercial vegetable farming, their production will permit 12 families to develop farming know-how and commercial opportunities by selling their products to the close-by supermarket. “Sedilame Farming cooperative” being part of the global project will be able to increase its egg production thanks to the construction of a new hen house. And finally the objective of the “Goodhope poultry farming cooperative” should be reached with the help of IRM. Their ambition is the creation of a small scale poultry farm by unemployed youth.

Thinking out of the box not only allows emergence of creative projects but stimulates commitment of the Imerys Refractory Minerals’ workforce to local communities.

ARGICAL PRO – Clay for crop protection

ARGICAL TM Pro is a calcined material especially designed to protect fruit on farms. Thanks to ARGICAL Pro, flies, worms and aphids cannot find nesting ground to lay eggs in the trees. It took over 4 years of development, testing and obtainment of the AMM license by the French ministry of agriculture to launch the product. As of2013 Argical Pro is distributed in France by our partner Uniphos, the market leader on the phytosanitary segment.

ARGICAL PRO – Nouvel acteur dans le bio contrôle par Fruits et Legumes – 01 09 2014 (in french)

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