ALAFAR 2018 : And the winner is…..

The refractory world converged in Medellin, Columbia for the 41st annual congress of the Latin American Association of Refractory Manufacturers better known as ALAFAR in early October, with the ambition to look at “Innovation in High Temperatures” and it is a great honor for Imerys Aluminates that our Technical Director for Refractories, Christoph Wöhrmeyer has taken a podium position from over 30 technical presentations.

Christoph presented our joint research study entitled “Protection mechanism of CMA-additive in MgO-C ladle bricks”. It was undertaken together with S.Gao, S. Graddick, C. Parr, F.Simonin, G. Bhattacharya from Imerys Aluminates, with M. Liyama, Senior Technical Advisor Refractories at Imerys High Resistance Minerals in Japan and P. Gehre and C. Aneziris from the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg.

The study investigates the effect of the addition of Calcium Magnesium Aluminate (trade name MagArmour) to Magnesia-Carbon (MgO-C) bricks. MagArmour™ consists of grains in which microcrystalline MA-spinel phases are embedded in a matrix of calcium aluminates. Applied as a binder in steel ladle castables it has already proven its positive effect on wear resistance in many steel plants due to the associated change in microstructure. The effect of MagArmour™ addition to MgO-C bricks in comparison to the addition of pure spinel has been investigated in the first part of this study. The MagArmour™ -doped MgO-C brick showed the lowest attack by slag. Following this positive result, several trials in different steel plants have been conducted and results from post-mortem analyses are discussed in the second part of this paper. All ladle trials had in common that during operations a slag coating was formed on the surface of the MagArmour™ containing bricks that reduced the wear rate of the bricks and gave a better protection of the carbon in the brick against oxidation. A lower wear rate was achieved, even when reducing the amount of anti-oxidants in the bricks.

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For the first time in Aachen : Imerys Aluminates


Players of the refractory industry from all over the world will get together again in Aachen, Germany for the traditional International Colloquium on Refractories 2018. The event starts Wednesday, 26th September with the Opening Session.

At 11.15 am Chris Parr, S&T Director of Imerys Aluminates will address the topic about “Regional influences and challenges for sustainable refractory raw material selection” in the Europa Saal auditorium whereas at 3.15 pm Phil Edwards, Imerys Aluminates’ Refractory Market Director will present the new division which came to being per the combination of 2 majors French players of the refractory market: former Imerys Refractory Minerals and Kerneos. Feel free to join K3 conference room on first floor.

During the event, Imerys Aluminates will occupy notable space to make it easy for our customers to reach out for our technical and sales teams. On our booth number 7 visitors may discover the new visual identity of the brands. For the comfort of our guests we preview a lounge space with easy to use laptop work possibilities.

The hospitality room, right at the entrance of the Eurogress Center, is designed to offer confidential space for business meetings. Customers should take notice that. Mrs Nehlsen is in charge of the welcome desk. Feel free to call on her for any help.

Need more out of your light-weight aggregate? MULCOA® 43LW

From power generation to cement cyclones and coolers, steel ladle covers to petrochemical plants, the balance between minimizing energy loss while maintaining high strength and volume stability in applications above 1300C inevitably means making a tradeoff between a two component lining or accepting high heat losses.  Traditional light-weight materials based on vermiculite, cenospheres or other light-weight aggregates typically suffer from needing high cement contents and high water demand to allow for good casting properties. The trade-off is extreme shrinkage when put in use above 1300C or alternatively very poor wear resistance, forcing alternative solutions that are not optimized for thermal efficiency.

Can you imagine a light weight aggregate that allows you to produce a range of castable formulations that can have a similar ultimate refractoriness to the benchmark MULCOA® 47?

To understand the performance, the first step is to understand the production process of typical light weight aggregate. Density is linked to the true density and porosity of a material, so to create a light weight chamotte, you simply add pores. However, it is the internal structure of these pores that limit suitability for monolithic applications as they have a very high proportion of open porosity and this leads to large water demands and an aggregate and final product that typically low crushing strength.

Introducing MULCOA® 43LW, not just your average lightweight material. Using a proprietary industrial process, Imerys Aluminates are able to create a refractory aggregate that seals a high proportion of the open porosity leaving a high strength refractory aggregate that has an improved insulative behavior but is still suitable for a range of monolithic applications.

Capable of being used in low-cement castables, pumping grades, dry and wet gunning grades and high strength insulation grades and suitable for use in products rated to 1450C and beyond, MULCOA 43LW based castables maintain hot strengths compared to equivalent alumina products while lowering density, thermal conductivity and maintaining CO resistant behavior.

Offering the opportunity in specifically adapted castables to reduce surface temperatures and increase thermal efficiency, MULCOA® 43LW opens possible new lining concepts to better meet the changing needs of modern refractory applications giving refractory lining designers the chance to save time or reduce risk via new solutions.

For more information on MULCOA® 43LW contact your local Imerys Aluminates contact or visit us at Ceramitec 2018 on booth 209/310 in Hall A6.

Mulcoa 43LW : technical information

Refractory Experts at Irefcon 18

Next Wednesday, March 7th IREFCON 18 will open its doors for the 12th India International Refractories Congress to share information, refractory experts experiences and ideas, to learn and to update the refractory industry in as many aspects of refractories development and applications as possible. Our refractory experts will of course attend this major Indian event and contribute with two technical works.

Dr. Danilo Frulli

Dr. Danilo Frulli

Florian Ahouanto, Product Manager Andalusite

Florian Ahouanto


March 8th at 2 pm, Dr. Danilo Frulli, will lecture “Natural and synthetic aluminas and aluminosilicates: properties and characteristics of the main classes of refractory raw materials”.


March 9th at 3.30 pm Florian Ahouanto will present “Andalusite based raw materials for refractory castables: properties and application”




The two speakers, as well as Ananth Nonavinakere and Dirk van den Heever shall be very pleased to answer any questions you may want to address during the event.

This biannual conference is organized by IRMA, the Indian Refractory Makers Association which is the national organization for the refractory manufacturing companies in India. It currently has 75 manufacturing units in its membership which produce a wide range of insulating, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant refractories, ranging from firebricks, insulating refractories to a wide variety of high alumina, silica, magnesite and specialty refractories.

IREFCON 2018 takes place at the well-known Hotel Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka New Delhi, Sector 21 Metro Station Complex, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Imerys Aluminates: Better Together!

Jean-Marc Bianchi Vice President & General Manager

Jean-Marc Bianchi – Vice President & General Manager

Today, the 2017 results for the Imerys Group have been commented on by Gilles Michel, our CEO, to the financial community. During this communication, he announced the creation of a new division resulting from the combination of the Refractory Minerals and Kerneos divisions: Imerys Aluminates!

In turn, I am pleased to announce the birth of our division, «Imerys Aluminates», one of the Group’s twelve divisions. Imerys Aluminates!


Firstly, it is under this name that the smart alignment I have been talking about over the past months will be achieved;
Secondly, under this name that we will, together, combine the skills of over 2,350 professionals;
Thirdly, under this name we will together strengthen our expertise, to better serve our customers and support our growth through geographic development and innovation.

Imerys Aluminates: It’s not only our name, it’s also a unified management frame that will drive and direct the legal entities forming Refractory Minerals and Kerneos, without changes to your employment conditions or contracts. Each
company therefore retains its legal autonomy, as is the usual case within Imerys Group divisions. A deployment plan for this new name is currently being prepared. It will be soon communicated to properly structure this change of identity and its impact on our various internal and external communications.

To conclude this short message, I wish to express once again my enthusiasm and my conviction that this combination of Imerys Refractory Minerals and Kerneos is a great opportunity for all of us and for our customers: we are complementary and together we will be even better !


Our foundry experts are at IFEX 2018 !

Imerys Refractory Minerals for foundry applications14th edition of International Exhibition on Foundry Technology, Equipment, Supplies, Services will open tomorrow! Come and meet us on our stand L05 in hall 9 during the two days of the event. Philippe Diaz, our foundry expert from France and Arpan Shah, our foundry sales manager India shall be happy to welcome you. Take time to discover a major new product we present at the fair: Kersand 100-400,  a new refractory sand our laboratory designed as an alternative material for massive casting in iron and steel. The product matches all foundry requirements.

Over the years IFEX  has emerged as the most important platform for the foundry industry of the Indian Sub-Continent. IFEX with its rotational policy to organize the fair in different zones of India (North, South, East & West) on a pre-defined cycle helps its exhibitors to reach their potential customers from all over the country.