ALAFAR 2018 : And the winner is…..

The refractory world converged in Medellin, Columbia for the 41st annual congress of the Latin American Association of Refractory Manufacturers better known as ALAFAR in early October, with the ambition to look at “Innovation in High Temperatures” and it is a great honor for Imerys Aluminates that our Technical Director for Refractories, Christoph Wöhrmeyer has taken a podium position from over 30 technical presentations.

Christoph presented our joint research study entitled “Protection mechanism of CMA-additive in MgO-C ladle bricks”. It was undertaken together with S.Gao, S. Graddick, C. Parr, F.Simonin, G. Bhattacharya from Imerys Aluminates, with M. Liyama, Senior Technical Advisor Refractories at Imerys High Resistance Minerals in Japan and P. Gehre and C. Aneziris from the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg.

The study investigates the effect of the addition of Calcium Magnesium Aluminate (trade name MagArmour) to Magnesia-Carbon (MgO-C) bricks. MagArmour™ consists of grains in which microcrystalline MA-spinel phases are embedded in a matrix of calcium aluminates. Applied as a binder in steel ladle castables it has already proven its positive effect on wear resistance in many steel plants due to the associated change in microstructure. The effect of MagArmour™ addition to MgO-C bricks in comparison to the addition of pure spinel has been investigated in the first part of this study. The MagArmour™ -doped MgO-C brick showed the lowest attack by slag. Following this positive result, several trials in different steel plants have been conducted and results from post-mortem analyses are discussed in the second part of this paper. All ladle trials had in common that during operations a slag coating was formed on the surface of the MagArmour™ containing bricks that reduced the wear rate of the bricks and gave a better protection of the carbon in the brick against oxidation. A lower wear rate was achieved, even when reducing the amount of anti-oxidants in the bricks.

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