60th ICR edition in Aachen!

At the occasion of the 60th edition of the annual International Colloquium on Refractories (ICR) in Aachen, Imerys Refractory Minerals launches a new lightweight aggregate, Mulcoa® 43 LW.

Test results obtained for HMOR, linear change, and CO resistance for low cement castables containing this lightweight material are very exciting, as will show Dr. Danilo Frulli during a presentation Wednesday, October 18th.


ICR is celebrating 60th edition in Aachen

It appears that monolithics based on Mulcoa® 43 LW could be used to design one part/single layer linings, capable of having an acceptable hot face and back-up lining. From a time and efficiency standpoint, the obtained benefit makes Mulcoa® 43 LW a potential game changer in the refractory industry. Please, join the presentation at 2pm in conference hall K3 at Eurogress.

Our teams will also be happy to welcome you on booth 25 for further information.

Participating the ICR 2017 event which is driven by the European Centre for Refractories , is inspiring and we are particularly fond of sharing the 60th edition with the refractory industry in Aachen, Germany.

The mission of ECREF is fundamental for our industry and we fully adhere to promote science and research as well as education and vocational training in the fields of refractories across Europe.