At Imerys Refractory Minerals we produce mullite-based chamottes for sanitaryware and ceramics floor tiles production, but also clays used for their ideal deflocculation in sanitaryware, tiles and Kerphalite™, as zircon substitute in glazes and opacifiers.
Mullite offers shrinkage control and controlled thermal expansion and enhances the mechanical strength and whiteness of a ceramic body.

Our products are an ideal fit with the Imerys Ceramics portfolio, and are distributed through the Imerys Ceramics sales team.



For sanitaryware ceramic applications, adding chamotte to the mixture can prevent distortion during firing, allowing the production of bigger and more complex pieces.
The tile industry also uses chamottes for extruded tiles in particular.

Our brand portfolio is comprised of the well-known Mulcoa®, Clayrac™ and CHK™ lines.


Our Clayrac range of sanitaryware chamotte is comprised of:
A very high-quality chamotte – Clayrac épurée
An affordably-priced chamotte – Clayrac SMD, offering suitable quality for many applications
and Clayrac SHD, used for dilatometric correction.
Clayrac sanitaryware chamotte range

Our Mulcoa product is a high alumina chamottes with alumina content going up to 70%
Mulcoa range

Our CHK C1 is famous for its high expansion

All individual datasheets are available upon request.



Clay is essential for ceramic production because of its high plasticity and strength.


Discover our Clayrac™ range of clays covering all types of ceramics applications.

Clayrac shredded sanitaryware clays
Clayrac dried and milled clay range



Molochite is widely used as filler for the production of glazes and engobes. Freedom from contamination and accurate control of physical and chemical properties make Molochite the ideal choice for high quality end products.


Molochite Thermal Performance

Technical datasheet is available on demand.



Kerphalite KF is a natural source of alumina and mullite which can be profitably used when better control your ceramic support’s physical and chemical properties is required.

Due to its high-purity and very fine particle size distribution, micronized Kerphalite KF is an efficient and economical alternative to zircon silicate as an opacifier for glazes and engobes.


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