Mining and Minerals Processing

Imerys Refractory Minerals owns major open pit mines and transformation plants in Europe. The Clérac production site in the Charente-Bassin region manufactures chamotte, calcined clay and metakaolin. The panel of applications for the product range Clayrac™, Argirec™ or Biogrog™ answers requirements of the refractoy industry, the construction and agriculture industry.

In Brittany (France) the Glomel plant extracts Andalusite and transforms the raw material into high value added products, such as Kerphalite KF, inevitable for the foundry industry.

A second production plant for chamotte is based in Vatutinsky, Ukraine. VKV manufactures CHK™ used in both, the refractory and sanitary ware industry.

Our Molochite plant is based in Cornwall, UK, where we calcine the kaolin for the Investment Casting, kiln Furniture & general refractories industries.