In agriculture we offer our mineral-based solutions on 3 markets :

Animal Feed
When incorporated into animal feed, kaolin clays facilitate the processing of powders and granules for animal feeds. They can act either as a binder or a lubricant, depending on the application. Clay is a highly digestible additive for premix.

Our ALSI ABF is a dried and milled clay specially designed for this application.
It is registered as a “technological additive” (E559), as defined by European Directive 70/524/EEC. This clay meets the recommendations of Directive 2005/87/EC of December5th, 2005 for its natural dioxin and heavy metal contents.
Our Alsi ABF is part of the IMERYS TALC portfolio. For more details please contact us.

The coating and absorbing properties of the calcined clay from France’s “Charentes” region, significantlt reduce damages or losses from sun burns or high heats. By covering the plant and its fruits with a protective film, clay offers a good covering capacity as well as resistance to washing.

Argibio™ and Argical Pro™ are clay type products based on NF U44-551 standard. (Mineral based farming ground). These products may be used in organic agriculture based on (EC) regulation  834/2007.
Moreover, Argical Pro™ is considered a phytosanitary product in France. It is used as a plant protection product and  marketed is under authorization the AMM 2120158
For more information about Argibio™ and Argical Pro™ please contact us.

Fertilizer and phytosanitary
In fertilizers, our clays are excellent filler for calcium ammonium nitrate.
It is also an anticaking agent for NPK fertilizers which improves fertilizer flow.

Our Argirec™ is used as a substrate for wetting powder.
Our Argirec™ B22 and B24 is part of the IMERYS TALC portfolio. For more details please contact us.