High-purity kaolin materials are fired under controlled methods to make our metakaolins. These functional fillers are used in building and refractory applications for their pozzolanic behavior and fine particle size.
Metakaolin is used to replace cement in mortars, renders and concrete.

Metakaolin for concrete
The first value in use of metakaolin is to consume the free lime released by cement and so prevent efflorescence (a white stain that appears with time on the cement due to lime migration to the surface).
The second usage benefit  is the gain in strength. Our metakaolin increases the cured compressive strength of concrete and also speeds up curing and early strength development.
But the main point is the durability it brings to concrete. Using metakaolin makes concrete less permeable. Reducing permeability in concrete leads to a decrease in all kinds of diffusion rate, particularly for chloride ions, sulfates, water impregnation and lime diffusion.
As of November 2012 metakaolin comes under EN206-1 Concrete Standard for France. Metakaolin is defined in the NF 18-513 (Metakaolin standard obtained in 2010) and can be used in all kinds of concrete, including structural in France.

The rate of replacement of cement is 15% for CEM I (Full clinker type) and 10% for CEM II A type (composite cement including calcium carbonates). In these rates of substitution, metakaolin is considered as an equivalent to cement and is therefore an excellent alternative to traditional building methods.

We have already used metakaolin (Argical™ M1000) in two major projects in France:
The first was the new Chaban Delmas bridge in Bordeaux (under the responsibility of VINCI). Our product has been used for both, its appearance (white color) and for the structural needs of the 4 piles of the bridge.
The second project is the tramway in Brest, France.(companies BBS, GUILLERM and CELTYS).

Other uses of Metakaolin
Metakaolin is used as an additive in technical mortars and pastes as it brings workability, reactivity (especially for Argical™ M1200) and permeability.

In decorative mortar and paste metakaolin delivers workability and white pigmentation while efflorescence.

Imerys Refractory Minerals proposes 3 types of metakaolin:
The Argical M1000
The Argical M1200S, powder calcination in a flash calciner to obtain a hyper-reactive with high specific surface.
The MK-40 is produced in Ukraine

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