For the first time in Aachen : Imerys Aluminates


Players of the refractory industry from all over the world will get together again in Aachen, Germany for the traditional International Colloquium on Refractories 2018. The event starts Wednesday, 26th September with the Opening Session.

At 11.15 am Chris Parr, S&T Director of Imerys Aluminates will address the topic about “Regional influences and challenges for sustainable refractory raw material selection” in the Europa Saal auditorium whereas at 3.15 pm Phil Edwards, Imerys Aluminates’ Refractory Market Director will present the new division which came to being per the combination of 2 majors French players of the refractory market: former Imerys Refractory Minerals and Kerneos. Feel free to join K3 conference room on first floor.

During the event, Imerys Aluminates will occupy notable space to make it easy for our customers to reach out for our technical and sales teams. On our booth number 7 visitors may discover the new visual identity of the brands. For the comfort of our guests we preview a lounge space with easy to use laptop work possibilities.

The hospitality room, right at the entrance of the Eurogress Center, is designed to offer confidential space for business meetings. Customers should take notice that. Mrs Nehlsen is in charge of the welcome desk. Feel free to call on her for any help.