Every application is unique and deserves a unique solution – whether abrasion, thermal shock, hot structural loading, alkali attack, reducing atmospheres or liquid metal contact. We understand that your products cannot be characterized by alumina content and cold compressive strength alone.

You have specific needs and particular requirements relating to applications or meeting peremptory local regulations. We can adapt our products to meet your needs.

Wherever you are located worldwide you can benefit from Imerys Refractory Minerals expertise:

a community of technical experts providing local support on a daily basis,

a network of specialized applications laboratories which will collaborate with your technical teams to develop new products and applications, secure and personalized supply solutions.

Customer-focused approach

Imerys Refractory Minerals provides technical solutions to meet both current and future customer requirements. In order to provide the highest standards of technical service a structured testing procedure has been set up. This starts with a thorough evaluation of the customer’s production slip and raw materials.

A thorough assessment of each supplied raw material is also conducted and may include testing its chemical, mineralogical, physical and ceramic properties. The results of this complete study are used as the benchmark for recommendations. Customers are supported at every stage, starting with laboratory testing and finishing with plant trials according to their specific needs.