Metakaolin: its potential in geopolymers

Virginie Soleil-Raynaut, Imerys Refractory Minerals’ ground and calcined clays product manager will review on “Metakaolin: its potential in geopolymers” at the occasion of the 2017 GeopolymerCamp.

Metakaolin is an amorphous state of kaolinite which is obtained by firing a kaolinitic clay at a temperature between 700 and 950°C. Thanks to its pozzolanic behavior and its fine particle size, this category of functional fillers is used in many applications.

Based in French Picardie, the Geopolymer Institute has been organizing the annual GeopolymerCamp since 2009.

The 2017 edition will take place from 10th to 12th July at the University of Picardie, 48 rue d’Ostende, 02100 Saint-Quentin, France. This event is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire to share and learn in an open environment.

This camp is neither a conference, nor a congress. It is a casual, informal meeting between anyone who has something to share in the field of geopolymers, and anyone with the desire to learn, to interact, and to network.

Students, scientists, researchers, engineers from public and private organizations, curious or long-term experienced people in their fields of expertise, professionals involved in a wide range of development, including managers, finance specialists, R&D, marketing, business decision makers, technology and products development specialists.

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