Need more out of your light-weight aggregate? MULCOA® 43LW

From power generation to cement cyclones and coolers, steel ladle covers to petrochemical plants, the balance between minimizing energy loss while maintaining high strength and volume stability in applications above 1300C inevitably means making a tradeoff between a two component lining or accepting high heat losses.  Traditional light-weight materials based on vermiculite, cenospheres or other light-weight aggregates typically suffer from needing high cement contents and high water demand to allow for good casting properties. The trade-off is extreme shrinkage when put in use above 1300C or alternatively very poor wear resistance, forcing alternative solutions that are not optimized for thermal efficiency.

Can you imagine a light weight aggregate that allows you to produce a range of castable formulations that can have a similar ultimate refractoriness to the benchmark MULCOA® 47?

To understand the performance, the first step is to understand the production process of typical light weight aggregate. Density is linked to the true density and porosity of a material, so to create a light weight chamotte, you simply add pores. However, it is the internal structure of these pores that limit suitability for monolithic applications as they have a very high proportion of open porosity and this leads to large water demands and an aggregate and final product that typically low crushing strength.

Introducing MULCOA® 43LW, not just your average lightweight material. Using a proprietary industrial process, Imerys Aluminates are able to create a refractory aggregate that seals a high proportion of the open porosity leaving a high strength refractory aggregate that has an improved insulative behavior but is still suitable for a range of monolithic applications.

Capable of being used in low-cement castables, pumping grades, dry and wet gunning grades and high strength insulation grades and suitable for use in products rated to 1450C and beyond, MULCOA 43LW based castables maintain hot strengths compared to equivalent alumina products while lowering density, thermal conductivity and maintaining CO resistant behavior.

Offering the opportunity in specifically adapted castables to reduce surface temperatures and increase thermal efficiency, MULCOA® 43LW opens possible new lining concepts to better meet the changing needs of modern refractory applications giving refractory lining designers the chance to save time or reduce risk via new solutions.

For more information on MULCOA® 43LW contact your local Imerys Aluminates contact or visit us at Ceramitec 2018 on booth 209/310 in Hall A6.

Mulcoa 43LW : technical information