New Face Coat Material for Investment Casting Molds

Imerys Refractory Minerals for foundry applications in collaboration with CARRD, Imerys R&D center for refractories & abrasives, developed a new solution for face coat material.

The Treibacher Alodur WRG IC ESR , a synthetic material  based on fused alumina, is the ideal alternative to zircon for face coat applications.

Our solution was introduced during WCIC, World Conference of Investment Casting held in Paris in April 2016 by Dr Thomas Krumrei , CARRD R&D engineer and expert of Investment Casting technology.

incast-2016-march-editionModified Fused Alumina, Treibacher Alodur WRG IC ESR: A New Generation of Products
Specially modified fused alumina (WRG IC ESR) exhibits outstanding properties, when it comes to heat resistance and chemical stability. These properties allow casters to avoid vitrification and migration of alloying elements into the ceramic mold. Furthermore, its high heat and deformation resistance is one key element to producing castings with extremely tight tolerances (for e.g. turbo charger wheels).

Another key advantage of modified fused alumina is its excellent compatibility with standard Na-stabilized binders. Even after 10 months test-runs, slurries show no signs of changes in optical, pH, or viscosity values.

The lack of natural impurities and variations, especially in face coat materials is definitely one of the biggest advantages of this new primary coat generation. Use of this material allows for irregular appearance of defects in castings to be reduced to a minimum….

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