Every application is unique and deserves a unique solution – whether abrasion, thermal shock, hot structural loading, alkali attack, reducing atmospheres or liquid metal contact, we understand that your products cannot be characterized by alumina content and cold compressive strength alone.

With any refractory formulation the ability to obtain the correct blend of performance and price is a moving target, with customer’s needs changing based on not just the application itself, but the desired internal metrics of any organization, whether up time, installed price or total cost of ownership.Imerys Refractory Minerals’ ability to offer a range of materials means that within the portfolio we will have an option that gives the flexibility needed to deliver the solution your customer wants.

Once you have the right material, consistency and dependability become the critical factors. As the design of modern refractory materials is more and more technical and complex, the presence of known, consistent and reliable components is key to the repeatability during installation that customers and installers demand.

Our product range can be ideally completed with fused alumina and fused zirconia based-products of Imerys Fused Minerals.



Imerys Refractory Minerals is the world’s leading producer of calcined products for the refractory industry. Our brand portfolio is comprised of the well-known Mulcoa®, Molochite™, Clayrac™ and CHK™ lines.


Clayrac™ and CHK™ form our range of high-duty and super-duty chamotte materials for general purpose refractory applications. These products are available run of kiln or sized.
CHK range
Clayrac refractory chamotte range

Mulcoa® is a mainstay of refractory production, wherever volume stability, resistance to carbon monoxide attack and all-round performances are required.
Mulcoa range

Molochite™ with its excellent thermal stability and even particle size distribution is a particularly suitable ingredient for castables, mouldables and ramming and gunning mixes where 42-44% alumina calcinates are required.)
 Molochite Thermal Performance
Technical datesheet is available upon request

Clayrac™ Artal is a unique cordierite chamotte with low expansion making it particularly useful for lances.
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Produced in France, UK and Ukraine our range includes bulk and ground clays with alumina contents varying from 38 to 45%.


Clayrac™ clays (shredded or milled) either as a binder for refractory brick production, or as additives to improve plastic behavior during installation.
RR 40 and Hymod are part of the IMERYS CERAMICS portfolio.

CLayrac dried and milled clay range
Clayrac shredded refractories



Molochite™, with its excellent thermal stability and regular particle size distribution, is a particularly suitable ingredient for castables, moldables and ramming and gunning mixes where 42-44% alumina calcinates are required.


Molochite Thermal Performance

Technical datasheets are available on demand.



Imerys Refractory Minerals is the world leader in andalusite production. Predictable thermal expansion, excellent creep resistance and refractoriness under load, high thermal shock resistance as well as terrific resistance to chemical attack, slag and metal penetration come together in this naturally occurring crystal. Pioneered commercially at our plant in Glomel, France, and supported by South Africa our  range including Durandal™, Purusite™, Randalusite™, and Kerphalite™, is unmatched on the market today.


Andalusite products:

Andalusite run of mine –  used for standard refractory applications especially shaped refractory.

 Andalusite premium grades – especially designed for high quality refractories such as glass or kiln furniture.

Andalusite sieved milled grades –  ideal to reinforce the refractory matrix from RCC to ULCC.



Teco-Sil® fused silica products are specially engineered grains and powders designed for use in refractories.
Fused Silica is an extremely insulative material with very low thermal conductivity and with its good thermal shock resistance it is often used in flow control/continuous casting applications (for steel making) and glass rolls.